Why choose First Senior Roadside Recovery?

With First Senior’s 24/7 Mobility Scooter and Powerchair Roadside Recovery you don’t need to worry. If your vehicle breaks down and you’re stranded, our specialist recovery service will get you and your vehicle home.

  • Specialist recovery service exclusively designed to provide roadside assistance to mobility
    scooter and powerchair users
  • Fully comprehensive policy that provides assistance in case of electrical or mechanical
    breakdown, immobilisation due to an accident, flat tyre, flat battery, vandalism or attempted
  • Gets you and your vehicle home from up to 20 miles away (or to your temporary holiday
    home if you’re away)
  • Service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
A person riding a scooter on a road
A person with a light blue shirt crossing their arms while wearing a headset

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